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Telice Digital Services is the specialised information technology unit capable of offering innovative solutions for your business.

We incorporate the latest technological advances in a software development unit that allows you to create integrated systems and improve existing systems by providing companies with new tools that converge towards digitalization.

Telice offers software solutions and custom software development services.

The expertise acquired in recent years in the industrial world (OT) together with internal training in information technologies (IT) allow us to develop innovative Information Systems based on Cloud, BigData and Mobility for any environment, thanks to the application of disruptive technologies such as:

  • SCADA Solutions
  • .NET Solutions
  • Advanced Sensory including Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Development of Cloud/SAAS environments
  • Systems integration
Our mission is create cutting-edge technological solutions in the field


SCADA systems, acronym for Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (Supervision, Control and Data Acquisition) allow remote control and monitoring of industrial processes. They provide real-time feedback with field devices (sensors and actuators) and control the process automatically. Telice has developed a highly parameterizable SCADA and with the possibility of residing in the cloud , thereby allowing visualization and control of the process via web.


Scada system in SAAS or on-premise model. It is equipped with a web system to view and control the Scada from any browser. The system also has a desktop client module so that it can also be used in the traditional way of these systems. The system allows scalability by joining different levels of Scada cascade. Features:
  • Monitoring and control of Scada systems
  • Multiproject: Manages several Scada projects.
  • Alarm management with status recognition.
  • Integrated historical management. It allows to store the values of the variables that are configured as historical in intervals of time or state.
  • Graphic viewer of historical values
  • Event history.
  • Configurable alarm system
  • Communication variable system with configurable remote system.

SCADA Location in real time

The RTLS system allows people or machines to be tracked indoors where a GPS cannot operate. Thanks to this system a person or machine can be located in real time within an installation, tunnel, building, etc.  Features:
  • Real-time display of the occupation of each zone
  • Location of people/machines
  • Position history of a card, person or machine
  • Display and management of system alarms
  • Integrated device, zone and map configuration system.
  • Multilanguage
This system allows centralized management of all the information screens, being able to independently send different templates, announcements, Notifications, etc. The system manages the screens automatically, once introduced the data of the schedules the system sends to each screen the changes of visualization of automatic form according to these schedules. The system can be integrated with other systems from third parties to obtain data on timetables, incidents, etc. It can also be integrated with existing traffic control systems or GPS to automatically manage delays or advances on the schedule, etc.. The system also allows manual modification by the operator on any of the trains/hours. Our system allows to create screen templates with an open format that can be made by our clients, being able to change completely the style, colors, positioning of elements, fields, etc. It is totally adaptable and open being able to be created with a simple text editor. It also incorporates a schedule planner that allows the automatic generation of schedules according to daily, weekly, monthly plans... existing.

  • Centralized control of all displays
  • Integration with third-party systems
  • Automation
  • Open screen design without programming or extra tools
  • Schedule
Road tunnel operation system that allows the management, control, monitoring and history versioning of one or several tunnels values. The system is multi-installation/multi-tunnel so multiple tunnels can be controlled from a single system. The system is multipoint, so several clients can be installed in different locations to manage the same system. The system allows the integration of the different existing systems in a tunnel:

  • Signaling systems: Variable messaging panels, Stops, cross/arrows, variable speed signals, traffic lights, gauges, barriers, etc.
  • Ventilation system: Longitudinal fans, axial, starters, opacimeters, NO, CO, anemometers, etc.
  • Lighting systems: flow regulators, lighting circuits, luminancimeters, luxometers, etc.
  • Fire Systems: Detection, extinction (water levels, door openings, pumps, ...)
  • CCTV
  • DAI system: Automatic detection of incidents through video images
  • ERUs
  • ETDs
  • SOS posts
  • PA system
  • Energy Systems: Supply connections, Substations, Generators, UPS, analyzers, switches.
  • Peripheral network: Remote, distributed PLC, etc.
The system manages the simultaneous connection to a multitude of computers with different communication protocols, including the “DGT protocol”.   Other notable features are:


Integrated editor that allows the configuration of new equipment or replacement of existing equipment, as well as modifying positions, sizes, icons, etc.  

DANAE lighting control system

It implements the DANAE lighting control system that allows an energy reduction, reducing the cost of electricity supply in compliance with current regulations on tunnel lighting. This lighting control system automatically manages the lighting of each tunnel based on several input parameters such as the external brightness, the number of vehicles traveling or the hours of the day, executing the configurations defined and parameterized by the users with the right permission.  


The system integrates a simulator that allows simulation exercises to be carried out on the real tunnel environment (with all its elements). It has a simulations editor to generate simulation exercises that will execute system failures or alerts as they would occur in the real environment and the operations performed by the operator will be executed as if it were the real environment. All operations performed are saved for subsequent correction of the simulated exercise.  

Action plans editor

This software integrates an action plan editor that allows to define under a plan multiple orders to different tunnel devices as if it were a macro. This facilitates the operations to be carried out in a tunnel so that an instantaneous response of the systems to a dangerous situation is obtained with a single click of the operator. In this way, a plan could be defined that turns all the traffic lights in red and warning signs on the variable messaging panels in a single plan so that when launched by pressing a button it would act over 100 elements at a time, instead of that an operator has to go to each of those elements to execute the order which would take considerable time. An unlimited number of plans can be created and they can also be launched conditionally by areas of action which would allow for example to launch a plan that turns the traffic lights in red from a point of the tunnel backwards and in green from that point, so that when you release the plan icon in a part of the tunnel it runs.

  • System monitoring and control
  • Multi-installation: Manage several installations.
  • Integrated historical management. It allows to store the values of the variables that are configured as historical in intervals of time or state.
  • Graphic viewer of historical values
  • History of events and states of each device
  • Configurable alarm system
  • Access security with multiple levels or roles
  • Multiscreen
  • MultiConnection: allows to integrate different systems with different communication protocols.
  • Item Editor
  • Energy saving lighting control system (DANAE)
  • Real Environment Simulator
  • Action Plan Editor

This system is designed for energy saving in tunnel lighting. The system allows the lighting system to be adapted by introducing multiple sections of luminaire configuration according to the existing exterior lighting. The Scada allows the visualization of the lighting status of the tunnels, energy measurements and possible system alerts as well as the feedback of the system status by monitoring luxometers inside the tunnel. The application also allows the adaptation to the lighting curves through the existing configuration screens, being able to adjust each lighting circuit independently and the flow regulators. In addition, it allows lighting adaptation according to existing traffic, daylight hours, sunrise / sunset and alarms. The system incorporates alarm management with the possibility of recognizing them, version history values ​​with graphic representation, version history events, user management, etc. It also incorporates a system for exporting data to CSV and another for exporting data to its website. In addition, it includes a detailed energy consumption report per circuit.  

  • Energy saving system in tunnel lighting
  • Tunnel lighting monitoring and control
  • Lighting management system based on multiple parameters: schedule, outdoor lighting, traffic, alerts, sunrise/sunset.
  • Management for alarms with recognition system.
  • Integrated historical management. It allows to store the values of the variables that are configured as historical in intervals of time or state.
  • Graphic viewer of historical values
  • Event history.
  • Configurable alarm system
  • Communication variables system with configurable PLCs.
  • Export of alarms, events and historicals to CSV
  • Access security with multiple levels or roles
  • Possibility of signal classification (variables) up to 4 levels.
  • Historical export for web application
  • Integrated detailed consumption report.
  More information: DANAE system

We have the possibility to develop applications for our clients according to their needs. We offer several web applications in SAAS mode and with the on-premise option:

Prevention web system

Centrally manages all the documentation of the company, plans, people, subcontractors and machinery necessary from the point of view of prevention. Control and notice of documents expiration. Integrates a portal so that your client can consult the documentation (only the one that you indicate) in a fast and updated way, it will provide your company with a tool with added value for your clients.
  • Access from anywhere in the world and with any device with a web browser (PCs, smartphones, tablets, etc)
  • Document expiration alert system with email notifications and notification system with the operations performed.
  • Additional tools such as inspection sheets, forums, image galleries, contact book.
  • Integrated document manager with document versioning (historical)
  • Possibility of generating infinite types of documents with custom properties (metadata) for each one.
  • Extranet area for customers who can quickly consult the necessary data and documents.
  • Online modification: Any changes made appear instantly for the customer.
  • Decrease of emails and waiting times as well as possible shipping problems (failures, mailbox capacity, etc.)
Document manager

Web system that allows documentation to be controlled, with notices and expiration notices. Tree-like display of folders and files similar to Windows explorer, which gives it a great ease of use. It allows you to create multiple libraries and metadata or custom properties by document type. Security system and access control by users and groups with possibility of definition in each folder and/or file or with inheritance
TCat Web Platform

This platform allows to manage the auscultation projects of the tCat system of different teams and clients. In its SAAS mode, it allows a centralized management of all the measured parameters, report management, photo viewing and point clouds, etc.
  • Access from anywhere in the world and with any device (Pcs, smartphones, tablets, etc)
  • 3D point cloud viewer
  • GIS integration.
  • Dynamic graphics viewer.
We develop different software tools for engineering calculations in different systems both web and desktop applications with Autocad integration, Excel, etc. We have systems for:
  • Pole anchor calculation
  • Calculation of tubular brackets
  • Organization systems of catenary elements

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