We are working on making prominent TELICE's leadership in the railway sector. So we have started up a new approach on our developed activity based on several strategies. The idea is apply R&D effort to focus it on solving real issues that arises within the company's activities. In this way we build a culture of research, development and innovation at TELICE, extending this commitment to all of its areas. Meanwhile, we create a knowledge network thanks to the collaboration with other companies, universities and technological centers on different projects.

Isolator Remote Control

Telice designs, built and deploy into service remote control isolators for overhead contact lines in many railway environments and technologies (conventional and high-speed and in different tracks gauges), adjusted for their different needs and specifications. This abilities can be implemented on High-Speed Railway, Conventional Lines, Train depots and in every place and situation.


tElphe® Railway Switchers Heating

With tElphe® System we intend to avoid ice and snow problems that block railway switchers in winterness, causing suerios problems on traffic trains. It cover all the components for the electric heating of railway bypass, instrumentation, control devices and remote monitoring of all the variables involved in the prediction task.


tCat® Parametric Measure WorkStation

The tCat® workstation ( have been designed to satisfy the needs of every electrification work, obtaining the measure overhead lines and track with geometric parameters. This system is useful in the setting out works, work verification and in maintenance. tCat® workstation is a pioneer system which represents an important innovation in these railway survey works,…


tIUCS System

This technologigal innovation (tiUCS) allows the managing of an industrial high disponibility communication network, built 'all in one' and designed on the field for subterranean environments that integers 2-way radio communications, telephony, data, video, access control and real time location, proccess automation, environmental monitoring, public address systems and emergency warnings. Visit for more information.



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