Telice, Corporate Social Responsibility National Award

Telice, awarded for its corporate social responsibility policy

The spanish Telice company, leader on railway technologies, has been awarded for the Best Policy of Corporate Social Responsibility by newspaper 'La Razón' Economic Prizes 2015. Telice has been recognized for its initatives on promotion of Digital Manufacturing among students, teachers, entrepeneurs, artisans and hobbyist that made visible in Fab Lab León and the León Mini Maker Faire.

"Its absolutely necessary that Telice invests on Corporate Social Responsibility, not in football teams but in something than can help my city and province, León in the Northwest of Spain", tells Telice CEO, Cesáreo González Álvarez. "It's very important for León being on the head of the Third Industrial Revolution, not to loss the first and the second as happened here on XIX and XX centuries".

In october 2010 González Álvarez find something exciting for reaching that purpose: a digital fabrication laboratories program launched by Neil Gershenfeld, director of the MIT Center of Bits and Atoms. They are called Fab Labs.

So, bringing forward the 'Makers' slogan ('Do it, do it and do it') he succeed on the opening of Fab Lab León in november 2011. A place where people become familiar with the Digital Manufacturing and various computed-controlled tools like CNC Millings, Laser Cut Machines and 3D Printers) close together with easy electronics boards like Arduino and RaspBery Pi. With all of these, they can 'Make almost anything'.

With his wife -the manager of Fab Lab León, Nuria Robles Miguélez-, launched on september of 2014 the Mini Maker Faire León, with a thirty enthusiasts group that gather every friday on the Open Lab of this creative technological 'garage'. "Machines are not the most important. Are pretty much the excuse so that people, that are what really matter, come here to create projects and share the knowledge", explains the leader of this digital laboratory.

Telice was one of the few enterprises elected by spanish Foretica Forum to be a lecturer on Corporate Social Responsibility on 2015. There were talking about its experience on Fab Lab León (a place when also can be studied the Fab Academy International Program, a course offered by Neil Gershenfeld and other MIT proffesors) and the experience of the Mini Maker Faire. All of this next to conferences of hugh corporations like Nestle and IBM. A rellative small company, shocked the audience explaining his efforts on promoting future in its Local Society. And that was the point wich drew attention of the newspaper La Razón to award Telice with this National Spanish Award.

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