Throughout its 40-year history, the company has accomplished lots of projects and facilities, both related to the railway as industrial sectors. Here below follows a list of the most representative projects by TELICE, classified by their typology

tScada – Scada in the Cloud Design Software

PROJECT tScada – Scada in the Cloud Design Software

CUSTOMER Desarrollo propio
DATE 2015

THE CHALLENGE: Design and creation of variable Scada systems without program skills suitable for all types of monitoring.

HOW WAS THE DEVELOPMENT MADE? Telice’s IT team implement the code to generate the software. The program was composed with different modules that connects industrial devices (PLC, sensors and so on) with databases. Also can create ‘as hoc’ Scada systems in short intervals of time.

Modules are:

iConector: Element responsible of communications with all industrial devices (PLC, sensors, and other) and the SQL Server database.
Scada Forms: Scada Wiever to control and take a look on the design of a concrete Scada System.
Scada Web: Scada Wiever to visualize and control in web applications.
Editor: Scada Editor to generate the design and funcionalities of a particular project.

RESULTS: A multiproject system that enables managing (just in web displaying or with forms) different drafts allowing a multiuser operation. In addition is equiped with a multi connection device, so it can be possible to control a wide range connectivity like OPC, ADS and another device links from this application. The resultant Scada has a multiscrenn format for displaying diverse facilities at once. Includes warning management, historic events and graphic display.


  1. Monitoring and Control of Scada Systems.
  2. Multiproject: manage several Scada projects.
  3. Warning managemet with status recognition.
  4. Integrated Historic System. Store data in time or status variable interval values.
  5. Graphic Display of Historic Values.
  6. Historic of Events.
  7. Warning suitable System.
  8. Communication System between PLC Devices.
  9. Warning, event and data CSV exportation.
  10. Seguridad de acceso con varios niveles o roles.
  11. Multiscreen.
  12. Multi connection: integrate different PLC devices and C¡communication protocols.
  13. Posibilidad de clasificación de señales (variables) hasta 4 niveles.
  14. Integration with SQL Server.
  15. Editor de Scadas para poder crear proyectos de Scada sin conocimientos de programación.
  16. Ready-to-use system for cloud implementation and operation under SaaS model.
  17. Embebbed Web services for creation of third-party applications (mobile apps, for example).



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