Throughout its 40-year history, the company has accomplished lots of projects and facilities, both related to the railway as industrial sectors. Here below follows a list of the most representative projects by TELICE, classified by their typology

tElse – Automatic network commutator

PROJECT tElse – Automatic network commutator

CUSTOMER Desarrollo propio en venta
DATE 2014

THE CHALLENGE: Avoid power cuts in vital systems for the operation of facilities and infrastructures and their monitoring and control both in the same place where they are and remotely, even automatically.

HOW WAS THE DEVELOPMENT? Study of the reliability and availability of the electricity supply by connecting alternative supply lines and constant communication for monitoring with a web application. Telice’s IT department designed an algorithm to measure the quality of supply and perform automatic actions to guarantee it.

RESULTS: tElse (Telice’s Automatic Energy Supply Switching System) performs an analysis of the quality of energy in the available networks, and, thanks to the algorithm developed by the company, it switches to a secondary electricity network when supply deficiencies are detected in the main . This guarantees the highest quality and reliability when it comes to always keeping any device connected to electrical power.

In addition, tElse incorporates a complete supervision and a data acquisition system (both locally and remotely) with which it is possible to know the status of the protections of the installation, UPS and the maintenance derivation among others. Local monitoring is done through an HMI touch screen through which users can operate the system.

The application also has a complete historical record of data where the user can find the list of alarms and events that would have arisen during the operation of the system.


Manual or automatic operation mode.
System for measuring the quality of energy.
Information on electricity supply divided by levels.
Monitoring and supervision both locally and remotely.
Analysis of functionalities with a complete historical record.
Total connectivity through the web application.
Maintenance derivation with hypothetical transformers or UPS.
Engineering, solutions and features customized to the needs of the client.



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