Throughout its 40-year history, the company has accomplished lots of projects and facilities, both related to the railway as industrial sectors. Here below follows a list of the most representative projects by TELICE, classified by their typology

tCAN – Unidad mecanizada de colocación automática de canaletas

PROJECT tCAN – Unidad mecanizada de colocación automática de canaletas

CUSTOMER Desarrollo propio en uso
DATE 2009

THE CHALLENGE: Design a system of automatic placement of gutters on site to save time, costs, personnel and reduce the movement of land.

HOW WAS THE DEVELOPMENT? The Engineering Department of Telice designed and developed a machine to achieve high performance and a flexible work rate adapted to the needs of the work. The requirements were: continuous alignment of the gutters, high quality of execution, and minimum risks of handling and accidents by the operators.

RESULTS: The resulting equipment advances on the trace making a trench of the same size as the gutter to be placed. They align and tongue and groove, by mechanical means the gutters that are placed in the feeder. They are deposited in the ditch, ensuring the alignment. With the new machine all these operations will be carried out as part of a mechanized process that allows us to be faster and economically advantageous to the traditional method. The moment of placing the canalization is done after the spreading of the sub-ballast layer and before the placement of vertical elements that prevent the movement of the machine on the trace. The team occupies only one lane, leaving the other free for circulation.


  1. Simultaneously the tasks take much less space in the trace.
  2. The loading of gutters in the feeder can be done with a forklift reducing manual operations.
  3. Only one team to perform the entire operation.
  4. The placement and alignment of the gutters is guaranteed by mechanical means.
  5. Less amount of extracted material.
  6. High rates of work.
  7. Adaptable to different types of gutters.



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