Throughout its 40-year history, the company has accomplished lots of projects and facilities, both related to the railway as industrial sectors. Here below follows a list of the most representative projects by TELICE, classified by their typology

Rotary drilling machine for cylindrical foundations

PROJECT Rotary drilling machine for cylindrical foundations

CUSTOMER Desarrollo Propio
DATE Febrero - Diciembre 2014

THE CHALLENGE: To have a compact equipment with capacity to circulate on the road, destined to execute cylindrical foundations for a more efficient, safe and productive construction.

HOW WAS THE DEVELOPMENT? Being a new technology, given that it was the first in the market with these features, it would be an innovation for the company due to the new production method, significantly improving the current system of foundations of this type. Therefore, a suitable system was sought to work in the railway field, due to the specifications of the tracks and work gauge, even from the railroad itself.

RESULTS: The first machine in the market to execute cylindrical foundations overcoming the limitation of other equipment that can not work in the dimensions and work area to operate on track, including double track work.

The resulting machine also has the capacity to work from the railroad itself. The technologies incorporated in the project are: an ENZO tractor, a DEUTZ high-power diesel engine and a MAIT high-performance rotating head.


  1. Compliance with the Cinematic Gauge.
  2. It can work on railway tracks of 1668 or 1435 millimeters.
  3. Maximum perforation diameter: 1300 millimeters. Maximum depth: 7000 millimeters.
  4. Capacity of transport by road, not limited only to the railway. Resulting in the most efficient transport, being able to execute the works in a more optimal way.
  5. You can drill holes for cylindrical foundations with a drilling distance from the track axis of 5 meters.
  6. Working capacity with a maximum cant of 16 centimeters. Land eviction system, preventing the contamination of the railway and the ballast.



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