Equipment and Machinery Designed by Telice Suited to Jobs ‘In the Field’

Telice, Technology in the Field

Telice company specializes in 'Works in the Field' that involves the specific deployment of technology where its required. So its innovation policy is targeted to the continuous improvement on the equipment used to carry out projects that concerns to the Team of Field Workers. Because of this, promotes innovation culture between its technicians and engineers for upgrading them (and the equipment) at any tyme.

Thus, the engineering department efforts have obtained significant achievemens like the Rotary Drilling Machine adapted to railroad works. This equipment allows works over the rails adapting them to the reference kinematic profile gauge. With this advance Telice can guarantee promptness and precission to carry out specific foundations for railway sector.

Inside the innovations performed by technical and engineering teams of Telice, there is one designed to save also cost and time on installation sites. This is the tCAN, an automated placer of cable duct.

At last, one of the technological Telice's breaktrough is the tCAT Parametric Measure WorkStation. Designed to satisfy the needs of every electrification work, obtaining the measurement of overhead lines and tracks with geometric parameters. This system is fasta and useful in the setting out, verification and in maintenance jobs with a minimal team of workers. The savings of cost and time, besides his accuracy, are it most significant characteristics.

tCat tCan



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