Real Time Location System in the Norwegian Tunnel of Follo Line between Oslo and Ski

RTLS in Follo Line (Norway)

Telice, in joint venture wiht tComet, has installed an integrated communication service controlled by a Real Time Location System Scada in the norwegian Follo Line between Oslo and Ski. This RTLS Scada has been developed by the Company TI Department and allows the constant exact position monitoring of more than three hundred workers and four tunnelling machines operating in this project.

The Follo Line (Norwegian: Follobanen) is a planned 22.5-kilometer (14.0 mi) high-speed railway between Oslo and Ski, Norway. Running parallel to the Østfold Line, it will be engineered for 250 km/h (155 mph). Terminal stations will be Oslo Central Station and Ski Station. Most of the line, 19 kilometres (12 mi), will be a tunnel. This will be the longest railway tunnel in the country. Construction is estimated to start in 2014, and may be completed by 2020/21. The Follo Line will increase capacity from twelve to forty trains per hour along the South Corridor, and will allow express and regional trains to decrease travel time from Ski to Oslo from 22 to 11 minutes.

The RTLS Scada developed by Telice is the monitoring system for subterranean projects of the tIUCS system a technologigal innovation that allows the managing of an industrial high disponibility communication network. Built 'all in one' and designed on the field for subterranean environments that integers 2-way radio communications, telephony, data, video, access control and real time location, proccess automation, environmental monitoring, public address systems and emergency warnings.

localización tiempo real en túnel


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