Innovation to Face Any Challenge

Innovation to Face Any Challenge

Telice's Policy is based on continuous improvement, as much on its resolution capacities in commisioned works as well as innovation to generate new products and solutions. Because of this, the company is focused on feeding and mantainig a workplace environment that allows the professional development and personal growth of his employees, and lines of cooperation with other enterprises, institutions, technological centers and universities that helps to get his principal challenge: put 'technology in the field'.

Main activity of this enterprise was centered on railway sector in his more than forty years of history. But its forward-looking to the future is based on research, development and Innovation since 2008. Then it was very clear; only the bussines prepared for the future can run in the market with guarantees into the future.

Betting on the future

 With this commitment, Telice has managed to deal with success some Research and Development projects funded by programs such:

• European Union SME Instrument 

• The 2020 Horizon,

• Economy, Industry and Competitiveness Ministry of Spain (MINECO).

Also get the cooperation of another enterprises, technological institutions and universities to develop some innovating and feasible products to save costs and time in contracted servicies. Thus provides to Telice a high grade in economic concurrency to take up challenges on solitarie, or joined with strong tech companies (Dragados, Vias, Siemens). And furthermore, to design 'ad hoc' solutions for other sectors like industrial one or road infraestructures.

Top research and work lines of Telice are:

In addition the company is firmly commited to support any kind of researchs in this sectors and another focused on the future. Any interested expert can join in to the Telice effort's for face any kind of challenge or suggest new lines of enquiry. Visit the Innovation section of this web to apply to contact and check who are the Telice's partners, technical departments and main funding lines of the R&D Department.


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