Telice’s Developments to Prevent Railway Switch Points Blockades in Winter

Solutions to prevent railway switch points block situations

Telice has designed a series of technologies to prevent railway switch points block situations, even before this situations take place. With this type of products two essential purposes are achieved:

• Mantain open the lines in any event.

•To increase the energetic efficiency with substantial supply saving costs.

Telice's TI Department is developing in the last years this solutions based on software meteorological algorithms and in new and efficient railway switch point heater systems.

First of all, the turn on control of calefactors on moments required is achieved with tElphe system. It can foresee the meteorolical conditions thanks to this software algorithm. With that, optimizes the electrical compsumption and recognizes more circumstances of snow, ice, frost and dew where is neccesary to enable heating. Thus, because heats before the freezing, railway switch points aovid to be blocked with these unfavorable conditions, resulting in considerable savings of energy.


Control and monitoring

Moreover, to monitor the heating railway swicht point net it has been designed an specific Scada called CTC, that works in the cloud. Let display the state of heaters of one or multiple installations because is multiscreen. That allow the monitoring of different facilities. In addition the IT Department included cibersecurity protocols endorsed by the Ciber Security National Institute of Spain (Incibe) to guarantee secure operation.

More Innovation

Last inovation is the development of ICEBURNER, a Switch Point RailWay Heater System with High Efficiency, Availability and Versatility Performance. It is based on induction to heat rails, that allows to get an superior efficiency of 80% rather than the current 20%. This project shall have some performances that no one product can offer today in the market, and its funded into the framework of the Statal Plan of Scientific Research, Technical and Innovation 2013-2016, promoted by the Economy, Industry and Competitiveness Ministry (MINECO)

To get more information of 'Telice's Intelligent Heater Railway Net System', read this article (in spanish) from one of the first spanisn digital medium: 'El Confidencial'.

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