Design of Scada Systems Adapted to the Customer’s Needs and Requirements

Control Scada

Further than automation in railway sector, monitoring and control of the systems involved is critical for all the nets and facilities. This is as well in rail sector as in industrial or civil work environments. Engineering and TI departments of Telice works side by side to offer a series of Scada Solutions completely configurable and adaptable to the customer's needs and requirements of any circumstance, location or placement.

Because of that Telice created a series of Scada solutions that allows hastening response times to launch them as quick as possible and really adjusted to every need and project.

One of this adapted resources was a Remote Control Switcher Scada for ADIF (Railway Infraestructures Administrator of Spain), wich required monitoring and control ajdusted to his own normative. First of it was launched on 2014.

Another control and monitoring system is the CTC Scada, targeted to railway switch point heaters, one of the most successful research lines of Telice. Based on .NET technology, with this solution it can be reach substantial electrical supply savings on the railway net in winter.

Due to customer requirements the company also has designed two modular Scada systems.

First, the Modular Scada for PLC devices that enables that an unique computing development engine can be applied in :

• Remote control systems

• Swicht point heaters.

• Tunnelling enlightenment

• Every automation system based on them.

The second, the tScada has equally modularized capability, and is cloud-based with multimode tasks. It can be managed with web wievers or with forms a multiuser management, added to a multi connection capability. So this system can run dissimilar OPC, ADS and other connections, enabling the integration in the Scada of different PLC with another communication systems. In addition is multi display, allowing visualizing several facilities.

Innovation in Telice

Another innovation of Telice is the RTLS Scada. This Real Time Location System can manage huge numbers of workers and machinery in subterranean environments. This development is related to the tComet tIUCS solution, that is customizable to tunnels, mines or industrial environments.

At last, the DANAE Scada, is a solution for managing enlightement energy on all type of tunnels (also railway or road infraestructures). So, its an effective toll for savings of electrical supply and in energy efficiency policies. This appliance can adapt the enlightement curves adjusting every circuit separately with configuration displays. In fact, makes avalaible to adapt illumination depending on traffic, day hours, sunrise/sunset and warnings.

Scada Telice  Scada control


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