We integrate all types of communications systems such as:

  • Copper or optical fiber networks.
  • Wireless networks.
  • VoIP.
  • Video.
  • Localization.

Through the company tComet, belonging to the Telice group, we develop innovative solutions to meet our customers' data and voice communication needs.

Communication Solutions

Telice Intelligent Underground Communications and Safety (tIUCS) allows the contractor to offer an integrated technology-based system that cumpliments with efficiency, promptness and saving cost any security and comunnication requierement demanded by the customers on subterranean and industrial environments. This technological innovation allows the managing of an industrial high disponibility communication network, built 'all in one' and designed on the field for subterranean environments that integers 2-way radio communications, telephony, data, video, access control and real time location, proccess automation, environmental monitoring, public address systems and emergency warnings. TECHNOLOGY
  • Gigabit Ethernet Backbone using fiber optic, rugged equipment and multiple ring topology.
  • Wireless access network using 802.11a/b/g/n and DECT standards
  • MODBUS and PROFIBUS communications integration
  • Distributed PLCs
  • Industrial UPS with long buffer timer
  • SCADA for alerting, support and maintenaince
  • Designed for plug and play operation.
  • High availability and rugged system.
  • Roaming and PTT group calls functionality for wireless handsets.
  • Long buffer time if external AC powering fails.
  • Each wireless handset is a user extension of office PBX, so direct in and out calls are possible.
  • Local and remote SCADA for system monitorization
  • 3rd party systems integration
  • tIUCS PHONE - Telephony in tunnels, TBM and outdoors
  • tIUCS RADIO Digital Radio coverage in tunnels with distributed antenna system and repeaters interconnected.
  • tIUCS VIDEO Full HD Video IP system for real time viewing and recording
  • tIUCS RTLS People, vehicles and assets real time location system
  • tIUCS ENVIRONMENT Environmental monitoring: toxic gases, temperature, humidity, air flow and pressure integrated
  • tIUCS GEO Geotechnical instrumentation monitoring: clinometers, pressure and load cells, hydrological instruments...
  • tIUCS ALARM Emergency signals for tunnel evacuation, integrated with tIUCS RTLS, tIUCS GEO y tIUCS ENVIRONMENT

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TYPE OF WORK Radiocomunicaciones y monitorización ambiental
DATE 2013-2017

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