Intelligent Heater to prevent railway tracks freezing

Technology for Railway

They come in 1973 and today moves at High-Speed Spanish AVE train speed. Dedicated to railway sector tecnology, the spanish company Telice keeps on exploring the opportunities of the market that can yield an hit. Just in an sector that nowadays is currently into an amazing expansion.

The train conquest the iberian península with a growing number of railway ramifications, but for this development works needs meanwhile an strong technological effort.

And there is Telice, a company that has succeded on mantaining in a changing market over the years thanks to research of new formulas and products. With this philosopy incorporated a R&D Department in 2008.

"The main objective was on one side bring a new service to clients, becouse we know very well the needs of the sector, and on the other the development of equipment that help us in our day to day work", explains Juncal González, leader of this team.

One of the opportunities that detected was the lack of control over avoiding freezes on railway switches. Snow, rain and cold accumulates on winter and blocks the rail switches movement in the bypasses that redirect trains to another tracks.

Telice Development

To end this pressing issues, Telice create the tElphe System with railway switcher's heaters that irradiates warmth on bypasses zones to avoid freezings, but also them do it in an intelligent way that allows to improve further the reliability and save energy, cost and time on the manteinance.

Humidity and Temperature sensors with an meteorological algorithm control tell to Telphe Equipment when is the moment to apply the warmth irradiation. This starts some minutes before the freezing dependsing on meteorological prediction and prevents any chance of ice on the switch. In addition, this characteristic avoids turning on all the day the system. So, saving cost in energy is remarkable.

Read more of this solution in the field of Telice's Research & Development Team (in spanish) in this coverage of the digital diary 'El Confidencial':

La tecnología española que calienta las vías del AVE para no dejarte tirado
(The Spanish Technology that heats the AVE tracks for not let you down).


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